I always hoped to become the premier Beaconsfield, Aylesbury and South Bucks dog photographer consequent to my love of Monte, a fine example of a shihtzu and my constant companion of more than five years. We can often be spotted walking in and around Beaconsfield new town on the way to and from Penn Road Studio.

The linking of two passions: dogs and photography

And so it came to pass that my Beaconsfield, Aylesbury and South Bucks dog photography has become something of a signature of mine, having now captured an ever growing portfolio of breeds within the relaxing, controlled surroundings, featuring inventive and original backdrops which act as an ideal platform for the recording of the pets emotional and physical responses to their owners.

Time is the greatest gift

I have photographed dogs of all ages and life stages. Recently I was commissioned to photograph a beautiful golden retriever at a late stage of life and a collection of memorable, treasured images were created that thrilled his owner as I captured the character of the dog and the emotional connection between him and his owner. These images are of course treasured even more now time has come to pass and the beloved Seth is no longer with us. The cycle of life has turned once more and his breeding owner is soon to oversee the delivery of a litter of Cockerpoo’s from Tippy  whom we hope to see at Penn Road Studio in the near future.

Emotional connections

I am especially keen to secure images of the dog actually with their owner, in a single image as well as on their own. When the dog arrives washed, brushed and ready to go the owner needs to be similarly prepared as a relationship is best recorded when everyone is happy to be photographed. I treasure my reputation as an easy going, professional, friendly Beaconsfield, Aylesbury and South Bucks dog photographer.

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