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At Penn Road Studio, I am the leading Beaconsfield & Aylesbury passport photographer for baby passport photos and provider of passport photos.

I take great care to make sure that the images are biometrically compliant. I am especially fastidious regarding child passport photos and baby passport photos. This is achieved through professional studio lighting, offered along side making sure that the image is not only the right size within the final print but also that the print is the right size in itself, through the use of pre set cutting devices.

I am Beaconsfield & Aylesbury’s premier adult, children’s and baby passport photographer

When I researched the Beaconsfield & Aylesbury passport photographer market from the perspective of the passport office Government Border Agency I found that it involved a whole host of specific requirement. Some images need a light cream background whilst others need grey and some of course in white. Some require a blue background whilst others require, on occasion, even red. In order to be the premier Beaconsfield passport photographer and provide baby passport photos I have made sure that I am fully aware of all of these specific requirements.

Passport and identity photography for all reasons and in all places

It is worth remembering that UK passport photograph requirements are different from the United States, India, China and Malaysia in that they require square photographs measuring 50mmx50mm. Using our industry approved cutting machines you can rely on being offered fully compliant Passport photographs in every circumstance, whichever country you are visiting and irrespective of the picture being a baby passport picture, or a standard passport photos.

Passport and identity photographs at your home and office

If you have mobility issues, or perhaps it is simply more convenient to have your child and baby passport photographer attend to your needs at home or in the office then I can visit in and around the Beaconsfield area. There is, of course, an extra charge for this service but often the sheer convenience justifies the investment. Please call me and we can discuss a cost based upon where you live.


In summary, I offer the premier Beaconsfield & Aylesbury passport photography, baby passport photos and adult passport photos in South Bucks.

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