Family & Children Portraits

My children photography sessions are unhurried, peaceful, relaxed and calm.

With this in mind I thought a great deal about how I would direct a children photography shoot and what the sequence of events should be within it. The truth of the matter is that every child or group of siblings are different and the way they feel as a collective is different, and different again each day.

Variety as a creative driving force

I harness this variation as a creative driving force, use the different environments and backdrops available at Penn Road Studio and achieve different results every time. During my research I came across white high key background shots virtually all of the time. I understand that this is popular and I am absolutely able to achieve this effect, whilst at the same time offering what I think are original ideas that will tell you so much more about the children than simply what they look like.

The images belong to you

At Penn Road Studio one of the unique selling points is that you receive a rights free cd of all of the edited images, allowing you the freedom to use the images in any way you see fit and reproduce them with me or wherever you prefer.

Many of my competitors offer perhaps half a dozen pictures in mounts as a final offering and you are tied to them if you require further images.

My integrity means that having your children photography at Penn Road Studio Beaconsfield, Aylesbury and South Bucks will be an experience that you will be happy to repeat.

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